Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Proudly presenting: the Agile Oops! printed version

As I already announced, I will bring a printed version of Agile Oops! to the Agile Coach Camp 2011. For a first try I printed the cards on my own. It is a lot to do to put all the words into a printable presentation, find a paper that is thick enough (finally I took the one used for business cards) and a printer that can handle this paper. Printing front and back. Then cutting them into the cards. But it works.

I was ok with those cards, but I really wanted to have a professional version, something that really looks great. I did some research on the web, and i finally found a german online shop where I could not only order those gaming cards where you can put your company logo on the back or the faces of your family into the figures on the front but also design cards completely on your own. Unfortunately so far they offer their services only in german. After @IlIlIIlIlIlIlII had written a small program to convert the terms directly from the spreadsheet into .jepg files, uploading them to the shop was easy and went very smoothly. The back side needed to be uploaded only once, which also helped to reduce the time effort.

By the way, you can also order your self designed planning poker cards in that shop. The front of the cards is fixed and you can design the back as you wish.

As I wanted to have my cards before the ACCDE11 I asked the people at the shop whether they will make it until then because of all those public holidays in june. And they did, they were even so kind to start printing before they received my money! Only five days after my order my cards arrived and I was finally able to hold them in my hands. What a moment ;-) This is how Agile Oops! looks like now (after some small modifications done by me):

I noticed an interesting mind shift when I was looking at this printed version: before I was a bit unsure about some of the terms, I felt they were not well chosen or even wrong. Seeing them printed they suddenly looked more trustable, I felt more secure with them. Another lesson about the impact of professional appearance - although I did not change anything ;-)

PS: Still working on a possibility to share a version that is easily printable on your own and/or at a shop. Stay tuned!
PPS: this time my special thanks go to the people from for making it possible that I can take my cards with me to ACCDE11 and for trusting me without knowing me :-) The cards look and feel great!

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